Specialist Lenses.

We can cater for most tint types including,

  • Tinted - Fixed permanent tint
  • Polarized - Fixed permanent tint also reduces reflected light.
  • Transitions - Change in the sun from clear inside to dark outside. 
  • XTrActive - Change in the sun from clear inside to dark outside and will change in the car.
  • Mirror coated - Cosmetic coating improves appearance of the lenses. 
  • Drivewear - Change in the sun, and polarized. Will darken in the car. 
  • Adaptive Mirror - Change in the sun lenses with a mirror coating. 

You may want non-standard coloured tints or want semi-mirrors, whatever the combination we should be able to do it. 

We can tint all types of lenses too from standard single vision right through to the ultra-thin varifocals.

Please call if you can't find what you want on the website.

New mirror colours, green and purple!!