How long will it take?

For most stock Single Vision lenses,

  • We order the lenses when you place your order on-line.
  • Your lenses will arrive at our lab the next working day while your pre-paid box is on its way to you.
  • When we receive your frames we aim to glaze the same day and send back out.
  • So the turn-around-time is often the same day!

Certain prescriptions and/or lens combinations may mean your lenses have to be specially ordered and will fall in to the timescales set out below. Feel free to ring and check if this is the case to confirm delivery times.


For special lenses like, Varifocals, Bifocals, Polarized, Mirror Coated and Specialised Single Vision.

  • We don't order the lenses until we receive your frame and prescription at the lab.
  • The lenses are then ordered.
  • The lenses arrive back with us after around 5 working days.
  • We glaze the glasses the day the lenses arrive with us.
  • So the turn-around-time is normally around a week.