New Tinted Lenses for your existing frames

You may have a favourite pair of sunglasses, the lenses are scratched or damaged but you don't want to change the frame. Then reglaze. We will supply new single vision lenses that are fitted to your own frame, this re-lensing process will only take a few days. Reglazing is a cheap and effective way to utilize the frames you have. There are no extra charges for rimless or semi-rimless glazing

All types of lenses made in to Sunglasses.

We can tint, single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses. All lens thicknesses too from standard right through to the Ultra-Thin. You can have Polarized or mirror coatings too. The list of combinations is almost limitless.

***New Adaptive Mirror***

Combine a transition lenses with a mirror! Inside clear no mirror visable, outside dark with a full mirror! Brilliant!

Specialist tints.

We can produce non-standard colours, graduate the tint or even flash/partial mirrors. Please call us for your special requirements.